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No room for anti-Semitism in Germany?  really no?

No room for anti-Semitism in Germany? really no?

“Damn the Jews! Jews are stupid! «: These anti-Semitic calls, chanted before the Gelsenkirchen synagogue, still ring loudly in our ears. We haven’t forgotten her.

The Federal Association for Antisemitism Research and Information Centers eV (Federal Association RIAS) and the International Institute for Social Education and Research on Antisemitism e. V. (IIBSA) presented its report “Mobilizing Anti-Semitism Related to Israel in Germany 2021” on November 24th. She says: If things go against the Jews, they all agree. Even those who are otherwise opposed to the spider.

PFLP The main actors and masterminds are the “old friends” – the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Millie Gorsuch, Gray Wolffs, anti-imperialists and neo-Nazis, and in this particular case organizations close to or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Anti-Semitic incitement is rarely pursued, either online or online.

How many times have we heard: “There is no room for anti-Semitism in Germany”? But the truth is that anti-Semitism is taking place, and that Jews are threatened – and? Nothing happened. Not even personal details are created. Anti-Semitic incitement is rarely pursued, either online or online.

legal status It is time for consistent action against hatred of Jews. The legal situation allows the authorities to at least impose conditions on meetings, if not to ban them or ban them outright. The requirements must also be enforced. It also means that the police must be formed to enforce this. There is still room for improvement.

It is also necessary to take action against anti-Semitic structures. It is unacceptable that organizations that raise their voice against the idea of ​​international understanding, and that promote the destruction of Israel, can operate without hindrance.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared Israel’s security in 2008 – this sentence can also be found in the coalition agreement between the SPD, Bündnis 90 Die Grünen and the FDP. Many do not know what that means concretely. A concrete proposal would be: to act here and now against those who oppose the right of the Jewish state to exist in Germany.

Sigmunt Königsberg is the commissioner of the anti-Semitism for the Jewish community in Berlin.