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No place for a good cause?  Indictment of Dinslaken

No place for a good cause? Indictment of Dinslaken

The city wanted to rent the moon from the Gänseblümchen association for a charity event for children with cancer. Because it comes from Forde.

if Statute 405a, the “Funding Guidelines for the Use of the Katrin-Turks-Halle and Burgtheater” states that the city of Dinslaken supports “associations, associations and initiatives based in its area”, and then the city implements it in exactly this way. a point. Students who want to celebrate their high school diplomas? Rent 12 thousand euros! A local association raises money for children with cancer? 5,000 euros! After all, the fact that Catherine Turks Hall must be a “hall for all” is not mentioned in Code 405A. And there’s nothing to say about decency there either.

Oh, the funding for the project worth about 40 million euros did not flow to the expected level? Is the city treasury empty? But bringing in money now by raising funds from non-profit organizations (whether Ford or not) or students (the issue has not been fully resolved either) is insulting and an indictment of Dinslaken – a city that has a hall for all profit-oriented events. The organizers. Paid by all citizens.

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