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“No one packs your luggage”

“No one packs your luggage”

An American influencer talks about her first big purchase at Coop. She obviously didn't like this. Because you have to pack the groceries yourself.

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Tiktok / @h_breidenbach – In a two-minute video on Tiktok, the American talks about her visit to the cooperative.

The basics in a nutshell

  • An American influencer has made her first major purchase in Switzerland.
  • She clearly didn't like the trip to the co-op.
  • “No one packs your stuff,” she complained on Tiktok.

Different countries, different customs – this also applies to your weekly grocery shopping. In the USA, for example, it is common not to have to pack your own groceries. The employee does this after leaving.

This is difficult to imagine for some Swiss. “Wait, do they still pack groceries for you in the USA?” one Tiktok user wrote.

However, for an American influencer, this is par for the course. So she was surprised after her first trip to the barn.

“Fear of the next visit to the cooperative”

“I learned something new,” she announced on TikTok. This was her first time making a large purchase in Switzerland. According to her, she discovered something amazing.

So you are supposed to pay for the shopping cart. “Don't try to pull the car out,” says the American. this is not working. Because she did not carry coin with her, she had to use a shopping cart.

Opinion poll

Which supermarket chain do you prefer to shop at?

There was another shock at the checkout: No one had packed groceries for her. You must do it yourself. “Nobody says you have to do it yourself,” the influencer says.

The entire class had to wait until she finished packing her groceries. “I have never felt like such a stupid American in my life,” the expatriate said. She is already afraid to go to the cooperative again.

Plus everything is very expensive. “Thirteen francs for a wine opener? Excuse me?” she says.

Are shopping carts free?

There are tips for beginners in the comments. “Dear, there are also cheaper stores, like Lidl and Aldi,” one user wrote.

This browser does not support the video component.

Tiktok / @h_breidenbach – She clearly likes Lidl more than Coop.

She clearly liked this recommendation. “I went to Lidl, it was so much better!” she says in another TikTok. I found out that you can get a refund for your shopping cart.