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Everyone has this home remedy at home

Everyone has this home remedy at home

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The period during which bananas are fully ripe is usually very short. © Yai Images/Imago

Bananas from the supermarket often turn brown at home faster than you'd like. There is a simple trick to this.

Dortmund – For many people, bananas are one of the fruits that should always be present in your home. Whether as a snack between meals, in homemade banana bread or as an ingredient in muesli – the yellow fruit can be used in many ways. Anyone who loves eating bananas also knows the race against time that the fruit brings with it. Consumers can do something about the rapid ripening of bananas.

Keep Bananas Fresh for Longer: Everyone has this home remedy at home

It is known that bananas should not be stored in a fruit basket or near apples. Ripening ethylene gas, which other types of fruit often emit, may cause fruit to ripen more quickly. Bananas are also not stored properly in the refrigerator.

Ideally, they should be stored in a cool, dark place – but the fridge is too cold for exotic fruit. If the right location is chosen, consumers can use a trick and some wrapping paper to ensure the bananas stay fresh longer.

Keep bananas fresh for longer: This is how the home remedy works

Fruit lovers can wrap plastic wrap around bananas. You should choose either a slightly green banana or a fully ripe banana (more life hacks on RUHR24).

The chips make noise For a protective barrier around the fruit. This means that ripe ethylene gas, which the banana itself also secretes, cannot spread further. Therefore, the wrapped fruit will ripen more slowly. In addition, moisture can no longer escape from the fruit, so bananas stay soft longer.

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Keep bananas fresh for longer: This is what consumers should keep in mind when using this home remedy

Fruit lovers can achieve the best result by wrapping each banana individually, rather than several together. However, you should consider whether it is really necessary to keep all the bananas fresh for longer, or whether some of the fruit will be eaten in the next few days anyway.

Overall, this is still a simple trick that can, at best, ensure consumers waste less food. If it's already too late, old bananas can still be used as a miracle cure at home.