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New year, new resolutions: why does this bother?

New year, new resolutions: why does this bother?

It's hard to make these good resolutions every year on New Year's Eve.Image: APA


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Anna Kapler

It's like this: The older I get, the smaller the group of people I spend New Year's Eve with. I think it's excellent.

The more people choose on this last evening of the year (yes, I can be pretty pathetic then), the better I like them. More proximity. Better conversations. More lively house party. There's no comparison to Sturm und Drang's years in shabby party sites with so many annoying contemporaries.

But something remains, no matter how manageable the framework. Discussing New Year's Resolutions.

Mood killer.

I will do it every time rude taciturn. Because: he cannot have an opinion. Sadiq: I don't want to.

Why? These conversations disturbed me deeply.

Isn't this justification enough? Wait, let me take a breath.

Decisions repeat themselves

Do you want to eat less meat? Fine, move on. But didn't you want that last year? A year before that?

Resolutions vanish in no time

Do you want to drink less alcohol? It can hardly cause any harm. But if you are after Dry January – it is an indescribable invention the Will it be a 'cry', Emily, will you come back? – Just pour in more, so why the decision?

Decisions are unnecessary

Do you want to do more sports? And have you signed up for fitness so you can actually apply it? Congratulations. But you don't like sports at all.

(For completeness: I did try to make resolutions. And implementing them didn't work. Maybe because I didn't really want to implement the resolutions. So I left them. I'll leave them. I'll let them be.)

Make decisions, dear humans. Put it into practice. Or neither. It makes no difference to me. Just don't bother me with predictable conversations about it.

Instead, let's agree on this together:

Hello, 2024! Will be or not Sure fine with you.

*So as for the real reason for this comment: I've had this catchy tune from Tocotronic in my head all day today: “I hate you so much because of your club.” It's also a strange time, between years in a nearly empty office. I was looking for a way to get the song out of my head. That's why I moved it to a title. Although it has been slightly modified.

Now you have it. holes.

Do you want a catchy ringtone? Here you are!

The great Tocotronic who was still young with his “I hate you so much because of your club” line is nothing short of YouTube/Sasha Bergerman

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