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New Vontobel bosses clean up Zeno Staub's legacy – inside Paradeplatz

New Vontobel bosses clean up Zeno Staub's legacy – inside Paradeplatz

Zeno Staub has been no longer president of Vontobel Bank for 15 days. He will be replaced by co-leaders Christel Rendo de Lint and Georg Schubiger.

They make steam. Early in December, the two new powerful figures at the helm of Family Bank were keen to sweep away the last of the dust.

Above all, Roger Studer.

As the former Mr. Strucki at Vontobel, Studer, who spent his entire career with the Zurich company, left the department head position four years ago.

Hofbrauhäuser around the corner (Vontobel Europe, Munich; maps)

But he remained on Vontobel's payroll. Staub gave Studer a seat on the “supervisory board” of Munich-based bank Vontobel Europe AG.

That was important to Studer. He stressed in the discussions that he left Vontobel on good terms, otherwise Vontobel would not have entrusted him with the important mandate in the EU area.

Under CEO Staub, Studer was considered an “outcast.” However, he retained the board seat at Vontobel Europe AG throughout the years following his operational departure at the helm of the Zurich headquarters.

Three years ago, a subsidiary of Strokey came into being and had huge cash holdings in Dubai.

The question has been raised as to whether Vontobel would thus avoid the negative interest rates imposed by the Swiss Central Bank on its wealthy clients.

Nothing happened, at least the central characters remained sitting in their chairs. Until Zeno Stop's passing.

Schubiger and Rendo did not hesitate for long. Studer is gone forever.

except Its home page. The mandate in Vontobel Europe is still listed there.