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Germans fall in EU wealth rankings

Germans fall in EU wealth rankings

Other euro countries have lagged behind the Germans: when it comes to median wealth, Germany ranks only 15th – behind countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Italy. This was stated in a report by the European Central Bank, as reported by Bild.

Half of Germans have 106,000 euros or less. In Slovakia, for example, the average wealth is around 10,000 euros. Amazing: Slovaks earn only a third of what Germans earn.

In the euro area, average wealth has risen significantly over the past ten years: it currently stands at 157 thousand euros. In 2013, the amount was just under €103,000, roughly equivalent to the German amount. Since then, average Germans have barely gotten richer – even though their incomes are relatively high.

An important reason for relatively low wealth is the high rental rate in Germany. Real estate values ​​have risen significantly in recent years. But those who do not have their own home do not benefit from this.

It is indicative of the fact that homeowners benefit through average wealth, where high wealth is most important. In Germany it is 413,000 euros – this means ninth place, and wealthy Germans have become richer in the last ten years