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New iPhone, iPad and Mac security vulnerabilities – install the update now

New iPhone, iPad and Mac security vulnerabilities – install the update now

Apple closes two zero-day vulnerabilities.

Apple has released another security update for iOS and macOS. It fills critical security holes that are already being exploited by professional hackers. So users should not wait for the installation.

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Apple device users should plan some time to roll out an update today. Because even though iOS 17 is just a few weeks away from its release, now there is another important security update for the existing iOS 16 and also for iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS. macOS 13.5 alone ships with nearly 30 patched security vulnerabilities.

Apple is aware that some vulnerabilities are already being actively exploited (zero-day exploits) – so the matter is urgent.

Also for previous versions iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 as well as macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur apple Updates have been released. This points to widespread and serious security vulnerabilities that these updates aim to close.

For example, Apple devices can contain a file A gap in iMessage It is hacked without the victim having to open a link (no-click exploit).

In the explanations for the updates, a whole host of other security-related issues that Apple has now fixed are named.

affected is:

  • Apple Neural Engine (there is a bug here that allows arbitrary code to run).
  • Where? (Discloses location data).
  • The operating system kernel (any possible code can be executed, kernel manipulation is possible, and users’ access rights can be increased).
  • Webkit, Apple’s platform for displaying web content (web content can run arbitrary code).

A particularly serious vulnerability in Apple’s WebKit Safari engine meant that visiting an infected website or reading a concocted email was enough to get hacked. Apple previously patched this gap with an emergency update.

The now-fixed vulnerabilities also pose a serious risk to affected devices – users should install the update on their devices as soon as possible.

The above errors also apply to the iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac operating systems. These devices should also receive an update as soon as possible.

In total, Apple has closed eleven critical “zero day” vulnerabilities so far this year.

To update your iPhone, open the Settings app. From here, select General > Software Updates. After a short search, the device shows if an update is available and offers to install it.

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