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NBA star gives rival fans a free meal

NBA star gives rival fans a free meal

Boban Marjanovic excited the home fans with his work.Image: Cornerstone

In an NBA game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets, Boban Marjanovic intentionally missed two free throws, giving viewers a free chicken sandwich.

If an opposing team player misses two free throws in a row in the fourth quarter, viewers get a free chicken sandwich. That's the tradition at the Los Angeles Clippers' arena. Rockets midfielder Boban Marjanovic was also aware of this custom, so he gave the fans in the stadium a special gift.

With 4:44 minutes remaining and the score 105:97 to his team, the Serbian's first free throw did not find the basket. With his gesture, Marjanovic made it clear to the fans that he had no intention of hitting the basket on his second shot either. And indeed: Marjanovic's throw was wrong, which pleased those who watched the match on the field.

Ultimately, the Houston Rockets won the game by a score of 116:105. Marjanovic was able to make a special gesture, especially since the match was no longer about anything for either team. For Houston, the playoffs were already out of reach heading into the game; The Los Angeles Clippers, fourth in the Western Conference, were already determined to be the Dallas Mavericks' playoff rival.

Marjanovic will be available on a free agent next summer, so his NBA future is still up in the air. In Los Angeles, the 2.24-meter giant, who is very popular in the NBA, used his campaign to at least generate positive publicity for himself among fans.


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Source: AP New York/David J. Philip

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