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National League on Saturday – ZSC responds – Geneva stops its attack – Sports

National League on Saturday – ZSC responds – Geneva stops its attack – Sports

  • ZSC Lions, who woke up late, are preparing to face their fourth consecutive defeat in Emmental thus preventing a change of leader of the National League.
  • Freiburg won the Zähringer derby despite falling behind and won 5-1 at SC Bern.
  • Champions Geneva Servette have now gone 120 minutes in the tournament without scoring a goal, losing 4-0 in Biel.
  • In a duel between two long-term losers and two teams with no points so far, Kloten will suffer his eighth straight defeat in the Umbria in 2024.

SCL Tigers – ZSC Lions 1:4

It seems that the people of Zurich have awakened from their slumber. In Langenau, a short temporary decline ended for them with three consecutive defeats (2:3 in Bern / 2:3 at home against Lakers and HCD). Thanks to this course correction, Mark Crawford's side have also prevented themselves from falling off the top of the league for the first time since 28 November.

However, the Lions were hounding the Tigers from the eighth minute until deep into the final third. The equalizer was only awarded to Justin Siegrist (52nd minute) after SCL coach Thierry Paterlini failed to challenge the coach. From then on, ZSC had the upper hand and soon followed thanks to Sven Andrighetto (53). Derek Grant (56) and Denis Malgin (60) eventually ensured a clear 'three'. So it was not the fourth defeat in a row for the leader – it was the fifth defeat in a row for Emmental at home.


Things turned around

Zurich's Jesper Froden checks on SCL goalkeeper Stefan Scharlin.

Keystone/Marcel Berry

Bern – Goteron 1:5

In the Zähringer derby, Freiburg overcame the deficit caused by Romain Lovell in the 25th minute and were running at full speed from the middle of the match at the latest. Jacob de la Rose (31) brought the score level again, and 5 seconds before the second-half siren, Gutierron took the lead thanks to Christophe Bertschi's shorthand. Julian Sprunger, Benoit Gecker and Mauro Jorg are constantly increasing. The Saanestadt team is now on a 5-game winning streak and has not conceded a single point at all in the new year.

Julian Sprunger on the puck



Julian Sprunger and his book Gutieron refer to points 76-78 in the capital.

Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

Biel – Geneva – Servette 4:0

Now the New Zealanders were able to avenge the defeat they suffered in the final qualifying series (1:4 in the seventh match at the end of April 2023). In the third meeting with Geneva since then, EHC Biel clearly had the upper hand 4-0. Robert Meier, used for the first time this calendar year, had to get behind himself between the champion's posts as early as the fourth minute, then in the 14th and 28th minutes on the power play and in the 38th minute. Attackingly, the visitors failed to achieve anything worthwhile. Pay tribute, as they did the night before during the 3-0 defeat to Zug. Accordingly, Harri Säteri celebrated his fourth closing of the season at Bieler Tor. Meanwhile, Calvinstadt were able to do nothing but recharge their batteries for their daunting task of becoming the first Swiss team to reach the Champions Hockey League finals on Tuesday.

Ambre-Clutn 4:1

EHC Kloten still does not move. The 1:4 defeat at the Ambre Biota was the eighth successive defeat for the Zurich Underlanders. The Leventiners were able to rely on the scoring qualities of mercenary Alex Formenton in the starting third. The Canadian paved the way to victory for the home team early with his brace (14/20). There was no reaction from Zurich residents. Michael Spacek increased the score to 3-0 in the 31st minute, and Formenton responded to the consolation goal scored by Steve Kellenberger (44th) with his third goal (51st). This is the first victory for coach Luca Sereda's team after four consecutive defeats.

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – Lugano 2:5

Like the fire department, HC Lugano made a guest appearance at Rapperswil-Jona Lakers. 34 seconds later, Michael Jolly sent the ball to a free-standing Giovanni Morini, who made it 1-0. Less than 3 minutes later, the same Morini raised the score to 2-0. St. Gallen's response came from Niklas Jensen with a deflected shot (17) and Jeremy Wick excelled (25). But the Lakers couldn't keep up the momentum. Kalvin Thorkauf scored first after a brilliant counter-attack (39th minute) to make it 3-2, and in the final third Jolly made it all clear with a penalty kick (50th minute) and Samuel Guerra (59th minute) into an empty net.