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“MusicStar”: The return of the hit Swiss entertainment show – News

“MusicStar”: The return of the hit Swiss entertainment show – News


Rebirth at its best: “MusicStar” returns one evening. Introduction to the Great Renaissance.

Swiss singer Baschi, whose real name is Sebastian Borgen, is known, among other things, for his hit song “Bring en Hei”. Singer and actress Fabienne Lovis recently sparked huge applause in the musical “Sister Äct”. Producer and singer from the Rhine Valley, Carmen Fink, has just released a new song this year.

Three different personalities – yet, they have one thing in common. It's not just their love of music that connects the three. The starting signal for their career was given in SRF's previous casting program “MusicStar”.

“Music Star”

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“MusicStar” is one of the most successful programs on Swiss television. The first broadcast took place in 2003 and the last episode was broadcast in 2011. Four relays were held during this period.

Now the audience favorite is being revived. Not for an entire season, but at least an entire evening that allows you to reminisce about the good old days. The singers will appear on stage together again on Saturday, March 30.

The eight nominees compete against each other in the song challenge. The obligatory awards ceremony cannot be missed during the revival of the popular entertainment show. At the end of the evening, the new “MusicStar” 2024 will be chosen. The most popular faces of the four seasons is hosted by Sven Epine.

It's a huge class reunion.

Many of them will be performing in front of a large audience for the first time in a long time on March 30. The stage fright is gradually increasing, including for singer and computer scientist Burney Höhne: “Being back on stage here after 17 years is an amazing feeling. It's a huge class reunion.”

Two men and a woman sit and look face to face at the camera.


“MusicStar – the Revival Show” judges: Chris von Rohr, Arabella Kiesbauer, Detlev D! Sust (from left).

SRF/Mirko Riederlechner

Of course, teachers should not be missing out on a real class reunion. In this case, the jurors. Out of the four seasons, three of the nine judges made it to the reunion. Rock musician Chris von Rohr, TV presenter Arabella Kiesbauer and dancer Detlev D! Calm down.

Today I don't have to be strict.

Jury members, who may cause joy and tears, can enjoy the show for once. Because they don't have to award any points. “Today is about having a good time and celebrating a lot of beautiful memories. That's why I don't have to be so strict today,” the 54-year-old broadcaster said.

Many fond memories, big surprises and more will be available on Saturday 30 March from 8:10pm live on the SRF News app or on SRF 1.