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More time, more training: make the holidays sporty

More time, more training: make the holidays sporty

Are you free over Easter and want to invest this time in training? Ideally – we show the benefits and explain what's important.

The Easter holiday is the beginning of an almost paradisiacal time in terms of training. With Friday and Monday both federal holidays, there's an ideal four-day window to accumulate hours and kilometers. The best thing is that there are many similar scenarios in the May calendar.

An alternative to training camp

Looking at social media feeds can be very frustrating right now. It's as if everyone, age groups and professionals alike, is in a training camp somewhere – be it in Mallorca, Fuerteventura or other sunny locales. There is no doubt that such a focused training block makes sense not only with regard to vitamin D balance, but also for the increased figure curve. However, the second aspect, which is increasing your performance, can also be achieved without having to reside abroad. There are particular advantages in terms of organizational and financial effort. Due to the shorter duration compared to a classic bootcamp, you also feel less fatigued and can take longer to regenerate afterwards. If you manage to spread out too many of these training blocks, you may end up with more stressful days.

Training content

In a classic boot camp, the focus is usually on basic training. However, at temperatures above 20 degrees, this is relatively easy to do, especially on a bike. The closer your competitors are, the more specific the units become. If the weather permits, you can of course go for long walks outside. If not, shorter sessions are also suitable, for example to get used to the aero mode or to test the racing nutrition.

behaviours basics

To make a training block successful, you must follow some principles. One of them has already been touched upon. A mini training camp at home can only partly be compared to a camp in the sun. Make sure to adapt your units to the conditions, and if in doubt, don't stick strictly to the plan. Additionally, as always, it is important to plan enough time for renovation. So plan as much training time as possible that fits comfortably with potential family commitments. Preparation can be a big help, for example when it comes to shopping and cooking. Make clear agreements about when you will be available, how and why.

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