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Misled customers: Dell fined millions in Australia

Misled customers: Dell fined millions in Australia

On Monday, the Australian Federal Court ruled that US computer manufacturer Dell Technologies Inc. fined the local chapter 10 million Australian dollars (about 5.93 million euros). Dell Australia has been accused of providing false information on its website about discounts for additional monitors. This was reported by the Reuters news agency on Monday.


According to the report Dell Australia was found guilty by the Federal Court in June of misleading customers about prices or discounts for add-on monitors on its website in a case brought by the Australian Competition Commission. Now the sentence is decided. “This decision sends a clear signal to companies that mispricing or excessive discounts are a serious breach of consumer law and will be punished with heavy fines,” Lisa Carver, commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, was quoted as saying.

Dell Australia has sold more than 5,300 add-on monitors between August 2019 and December 2021 with deep discounts. A company spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters, “We will work with affected customers to provide appropriate refunds and interest and to improve our pricing processes to ensure that similar errors do not recur.”


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