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The Re-Remaster was finally completed after over 1000 hours of work

The Re-Remaster was finally completed after over 1000 hours of work

The designer named fromsoftserve invested eight months and more than 1,000 hours of work into the Dark Souls remaster, but the result was impressive. The comprehensive graphics editor is now available as version 1.0 and can be downloaded for free Download via Nexusmods platform. Fans will be able to see a greatly improved version of the Dark Souls remaster, which features many new effects.

Dark Souls: Graphics Overhaul brings dynamic shadows and reworks many textures

Among other things, the mod includes dynamic shadows for all maps in Dark Souls. From Software's remaster enhanced the corresponding effects, but did not add any dynamically generated and therefore natural-looking shadows. This modification makes existing shadows look more realistic and provides additional objects with their own shadows. The remastering tool also scales almost all textures, including environments and weapons.

Dark Souls Remastered on Amazon

Other new features in the mode include parallax occlusion mapping, improved water reflections, and distance geometry. Finally, there are additional grass textures in various locations in the game as well as modified depth of field effects. Although the mod is officially out with version 1.0, fromsoftserve promises more updates that will fix minor bugs and potential issues in the redesign.