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Microsoft wants to integrate advanced settings for developers

Microsoft wants to integrate advanced settings for developers

With publishing Moments 4Microsoft has updates for Windows 11, among other things, new software Dave Home Built-in. This is aimed at developers and offers, for example, widgets for performance analysis and Github projects. In addition, some settings can already be done on the computer – and there may be more to come.

More options for users

In line with this, Microsoft has started a discussion on Github about a panel for advanced settings. This should give developers more control over their system in the future, for example, also enabling them to create settings profiles. There, users should be able to specify, for example, whether they also want to view hidden files, file extensions, or full file paths. These options aren’t really new, but Microsoft seems to want to summarize them in the panel.

Advanced settings design concept for developers.
Source: via Microsoft github

Depending on the implementation, new customization options will of course also be possible, which should then be available to all users: Dev Home runs on all versions of Windows 11. The corresponding panel can benefit not only developers but also experienced users who use Windows 11 Home. . As before, the central focal point for settings should remain the app of the same name. Additional options should only be implemented in Dev Home.

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