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Microsoft Defender warns of the presence of Trojans in the current Tor Browser

Microsoft Defender warns of the presence of Trojans in the current Tor Browser

The latest version of Tor Browser is causing problems with Microsoft Defender. The security tool detects a vulnerability in the update and prevents installation. Although this may be a mistake, users should be careful.

A few hours ago, Tor Browser developers released an update to version 12.5.5 that fixes a security vulnerability. Like some – similar to some Reddit user (via Bourne City) Now report that Microsoft Defender raises an alarm when installing software. The file “tor.exe” was quarantined and the user was informed that there was a Trojan called “Win32/Malgent!MTB” in the application.
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Four applications that find Trojans

In order to check whether the malware was indeed included in the new Tor version, the file was uploaded to VirusTotal. The site came to the conclusion that four virus scanners detect the presence of a Trojan in the application. However, the majority of tools classify the application as harmless. This indicates that this is a false positive alert. For some users, re-downloading and reinstalling the entire package means that the false alarm no longer appears. However, after a subsequent automatic update, Defender should display a warning again and block the program. Although the issue may be caused by outdated signatures and the ban can be bypassed with an exception, users should not act rashly and wait for the official update.


  • Microsoft Defender has discovered a security vulnerability in the new version of Tor Browser.
  • Update installation has been prevented, and “tor.exe” has been moved to quarantine.
  • Warning due to alleged Trojan “Win32/Malgent!MTB”.
  • Assuming a false positive warning due to outdated signatures.
  • Reinstalling may resolve the false alarm, but updating sets off the alarm again.
  • Users should wait for the official update instead of reacting quickly.

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