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Michelle Hunziker is now publicly embracing her new boyfriend

Michelle Hunziker is now publicly embracing her new boyfriend

Love is – when everyone can finally see it!

Welcome to the life of Michelle Hunziker (46) and her boyfriend, Dr. Alessandro Carollo (41).

The two have been living life for over a year now. Milan photographer Luca Guidoni tells German radio RTL:

Photographers from Italian weekly Chi captured the couple on a date in Milan, Italy. The two were on their way to attend a comedy show. That was a few days ago.

They then returned together to Hunziker’s home in Milan. Belle Michelle lives there with her two young daughters, Sol (10) and Celeste (8).

As Ponte knows, Michelle Hunziker D. Alessandro Carollo has already provided for her three children – especially Aurora Ramazzotti (26 years old).

The next public “We’re Making Love” bombshell was only recently detonated. Hunziker herself posted a photo of herself with the orthopedist online on her Instagram channel.

And now the beautiful woman from Bern has shared a photo of herself with her new boyfriend on her social media channel. Did you see it? Michelle Hunziker and Dr. Alessandro Carollo on a trip to the wind tunnel.

The mood of Hunziker and the Doctor? fine. They are both laughing and clearly having a lot of fun.

Little hug here. A few hugs there. There is supposed to be a kiss between Michelle Hunziker and the Doctor. Alessandro Carollo.

Oh yeah: Hunzikers Dottore originally comes from Rome and works as an osteopath.

According to reports in the Italian press, Italian high society also trusts his skills. It seems that Carollo also loves mingling with celebrities in her private life.

Until recently, he was said to be having relations with broadcaster Paolo Parali (56 years old)…