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Michael Wendler Furious: 'DSDS' Star Steals His Wedding Song!

Michael Wendler Furious: ‘DSDS’ Star Steals His Wedding Song!

“DSDS” star Mike Leon Grosch snatched Michael Wendler’s unreleased wedding song, of all things. shrugs off anger.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler is angry with ‘DSDS’ star Mike Leon Grosch.
  • He “stole” Wendler’s love song from Laura.

since leaving «DSDS“Cares about pop star pop singer Michael Wendler (49) is almost exclusively for negative headlines. By choosing, the American is making a name for himself with conspiracy theories and the debts of millions.

Now there is a new accusation that is causing an uproar. «DSDSSinger Mike Leon Grosch (44) stole a song from Wendler. And not anything: Of everything the love song ‘Doo’ from 49 years old For “Schatzi” Laura Müller (21) puts Grosch on his new album.

Grouch dedicates Wendler’s wedding song to his wife

Wendler explains the song “Bild”: “I wrote, edited and sang said song with Tom Marquardt at the beginning of 2020. (…) »

The song should already be in 2020 at a big party RTLwedding But this came into place as it is known Water. Mike Leon Grosch now dedicates the song to his wife Daniela (42).

Never go for a Wendler! He said, “Mr. Grouch knows this song is for my wife, Laura. He’s not embarrassed that he’s planning this for his wife.” wedding To dedicate, testify to his character ».

Do you like Michael Wendler’s music?

Michael Wendler: ‘I am indestructible’

And that’s not all, Michael Wendler has now announced his revenge big musical comeback: «Next year I will probably release my new album, no one should underestimate me. All too often, I was crossed out and my career was declared over. (…) Michael Wendler is indestructible and undefeated to this day.” Oh!

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