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Meteorology: Historical temperature in Greece

Meteorology: Historical temperature in Greece

Hot and hottest Greece – a popular holiday destination groaning under an unprecedented heat wave. Expect temperatures up to 46 degrees.

The basics in brief

  • Even at night, Greek temperatures never dip below 30 degrees in some places.
  • The unusually intense heat wave is causing warnings from the government and meteorologists.

Greece is still suffering from a strong and prolonged heat wave. After measuring values ​​of around 43 degrees in some places in the past three days, according to weather experts, thermometers should show up to 46 degrees during the day on the weekend and the entire next week.

Also in Rhodes It should be hot next Tuesday with temperatures around 44 degrees. It stays hot at night, especially in urban areas, where temperatures are well over 30 degrees. Some meteorologists have already talked on the radio about a “historic heat wave.”

Greek Civil Defense Put on alert after a crisis meeting Friday evening.

Avoid working outdoors

Additional air-conditioned tents and containers have been provided at migrant registration camps on islands in the eastern Aegean. Cities have opened air-conditioned halls for residents who do not have air conditioning at home.

The Labor Department said outdoor work should be reduced as much as possible. Animal welfare associations called on residents to Water To save stray animals in shaded areas and refill water bowls again and again.

Heat for two weeks?

Doctors advised everyone not to be exposed to the hot sun and not to drink alcohol. One should shower often and wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes. When The heat wave will subsideIt was not clear on Saturday. Some meteorologists fear that this dangerous situation could last for up to two weeks.

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