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Mayer and Siegenthaler score in New Jersey loss

Mayer and Siegenthaler score in New Jersey loss

The Devils were unable to celebrate the victory despite goals from Mayer (left of photo) and Siegenthaler.Image:

New Jersey – Edmonton 3:6

Nico Hischier, 3:56 PM TOI
Timo Meier, 1 goal, 2 checks, 1 shot 12:34 TOI
Jonas Siegenthaler, 1 goal, 1 check, 4 shots, 22:15 Cairo time
Akira Schmid, 05:24 Jerusalem time

The New Jersey Devils are having a night they won’t forget in the NHL. Despite goals by Jonas Siegenthaler and Timo Meier, they lost 3:6 at home to the Edmonton Oilers. The New Jersey Devils missed starts twice in the home game against Edmonton. After just under five and a half minutes, the visitors from Western Canada were already leading 2-0. For Swiss goalkeeper Akira Schmid, who saved only two of four shots, the game was already over. Emmentaler was replaced by Czech Vitek Vancic.

But at the start of the final third, things got worse for New Jersey, who now turned the game around by three goals: Edmonton managed to turn things around from 2:3 to 5:3 with three goals in the space of 69 seconds – hence the final turning point.

The Devils, led by captain Nico Hischier, left the ice losing for the third straight time. While the Valais native did not score a single goal, Jonas Siegenthaler and Timo Meier, the other two Swiss players in the Newark team, were on the scoresheet.

Siegenthaler scored in the 22nd minute with a precise long-range shot into the top corner to make the score 2-2. This was the defender’s first goal of the season. Mayer scored the opener in the 37th minute to make it 3-2 – it was his first scoring point for Appenzeller after nine games without a goal or assist.


This is how much Swiss ice hockey stars earn in the NHL


This is how much Swiss ice hockey stars earn in the NHL

Roman Josi (Nashville Predators): Defender, contract until 2028, annual salary (including bonuses): $9.059 million.

Source: Imago Network/USA Today/Imago Images

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