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Lufthansa no longer mentions the races.  Will it be normal soon?

Lufthansa no longer mentions the races. Will it be normal soon?

Lufthansa and Switzerland no longer address passengers as “ladies and gentlemen”. The researcher in gender categorizes the decision.

The basics in brief

  • Now Lufthansa and the Swiss address their passengers in a gender-neutral manner.
  • About a third of German companies use gender-neutral language.

It’s a small change that causes a backlash. All Lufthansa-Collection – And so too is the Swiss – He will no longer address passengers as “ladies and gentlemen”.

One wants to take into account all the people who have the address, as it is said from the company’s headquarters in Frankfurt. The airline now greets you with “Good evening”, “Good evening” or simply “Welcome on board”.

Criticism did not take long. Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt compares Orwell’s Swiss novelsworld week» Senses of opportunism.

The controversy has reached the mainstream

Fabienne Amlinger, Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies in University of BernHe commented: “Announcement Lufthansa It appears that the debate on gender-sensitive language has meanwhile reached a wide audience.”

Because the airline is not alone. According to a survey by human resource firm Randstad, every third German company uses gender-neutral language. Many vacancies are now gender-neutral. And the an Apple want in the future Iphone– Make gendered the standard operating system.

Contrary to critics, Amlinger holds a decision Lufthansa But not opportunistic. Because: “It would be much easier not to take a stand.”

“Miss” disappeared from the language

The language is constantly evolving. In the past, ‘respectfully’ were greeted, unmarried women were called ‘Fräulein’. “It is entirely possible that the word ‘ladies and gentlemen’ will disappear at some point,” says the researcher.

What alternatives are there? You have to think about who you want to address, says Amlinger. “At Lufthansa It’s now ‘Welcome aboard’, ‘Dear Team’ is up for business. There are many creative possibilities here.”

Do you welcome the decision of the Lufthansa Group?

The majority of airline passengers should have no problem with the previous address. “The fact that the majority do not feel discriminated against is not crucial,” the researcher explains. Because: “So now Lufthansa When passengers are greeted with a ‘welcome on board’, no one is left out.”

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