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Lovebugs: From now on, it's just two of us – SRF Radio 3

Lovebugs: From now on, it's just two of us – SRF Radio 3


Good news for Basel indie rock fans: The Lovebugs are on a roll with a new lineup.

In 1993 they appeared on stage for the first time. At the time, perhaps none of the band members could have imagined where the journey would one day take them. The debut album “Fluff” was played up and down the radio. This was followed by numerous concerts, song recordings, international tours and, in 2009, Switzerland's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. The Lovebugs have released a total of 15 albums. Most recently in 2018 “At the Plaza”. But after the 25th anniversary, Basel residents became quiet.

The band members' priorities have changed, say singer Adrian Sieber and bassist Florian Senn on the Swiss music program Punkt CH on SRF 3 (see above). However, no one wanted to draw a line under the tape. “It's like being in a long-term relationship. You don't know if it would work without it. A decision like that takes courage,” says Sen. That's why the Lovebugs project has been put on hold for the time being.

Bring experienced musicians on board

The molt took place last summer, and now there's news of the Lovebugs: two are staying, three are leaving. And in peace. It is now clear that Florian Sinn (guitarist with Zuri West, among others) and Adrian Sieber do not want to achieve a duo existence, but they have hired new musicians: pianist Matthias Gosset (Don't Kill the Monster and Moonbulls), guitarist Manuel Meisel (Anna Rossinelli), drummer Philip Gott (Sam himself).


Two become five again: Florian Sen and Adrian Seiber

Tapia Huberly

It took a few beers during the inhalation phase to combat the general jitters, Sieber says. But after three rehearsals, I succeeded. It's not yet clear what the new Lovebugs will look like. The first songs won't be heard until the fall at the earliest.

Core business: Delicious indie rock

It is to be expected that the people of Basel will not completely reinvent themselves in terms of genre. The core business will still be delicious indie rock. With Gusset, Meisel and Gut, they brought in three experienced musicians who had already had their success with other Swiss pop greats. So guys know what they're doing. We are excited.