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Limbecker Platz in Essen announces a new opening – customers panic

Limbecker Platz in Essen announces a new opening – customers panic

Many shops attract customers to Limbecker Platz every day. Essen-Mitte's large shopping center houses many fashion, decor and technology stores. but this is not all.

Even if your stomach is growling, visitors to Limbecker Platz will find a wide range of food and drink stalls. And now there is something else that is already causing great euphoria among visitors.

Limbecker Platz introduces a new store

“Newly opened,” the Limbecker Platz Facebook page said Thursday afternoon (Jan. 25). In the video, an employee virtually guides customers into the new store, going to the food area on the first floor. Stop by a wide array of colorful ice cream flavors.

++ Food: Popular leisure activities are threatened with extinction! Saving is pending by thread ++

Because the new store is “Islab”. Here you can find everything that makes an ice cream lover's heart beat faster: chocolate, vanilla, yogurt, mango – you name it. But here you don't just get classic ice cream in a cone or cup. The employee first orders a large cup of chocolate and nuts, while her companion is offered a cup of fruit. For dessert there is a waffle with vanilla ice cream, fruit and of course chocolate cream. The ice cream is eaten with relish – very mean.

More interesting news:

Because apparently, many Facebook users' mouths are watering just looking at it. One woman commented: “Great, now I feel like eating some ice cream.” Another had already announced her visit and said: “We have to go there.” While another user wants to know if there are also vegan ice cream flavours. But the social media team from Limbecker Platz can reassure you – vegans can also come to try it.