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Life without TikTok is possible

Life without TikTok is possible

TikTok is an app launched in 2016 by ByteDance, a Chinese technology company.
Photo: EPA

Because it fears widespread data spying, the US government wants to ban Tiktok. That's right: The United States should block the social network as long as Beijing has access to it. comment.

DrThe United States has a habit of justifying heavy-handed protectionist policies on the basis of national security interests. Many free trade supporters vividly remember efforts by Republican senators to stop imports of Chinese garlic for precisely this reason. Tariffs and quotas on steel and aluminium, even from friendly Europe, are a real and costly nuisance.

Why restrictions on importing solar cells serve national security remains a mystery to politicians. But things are different with TikTok. No one should trust that the state apparatus in Beijing will keep its hands off the powerful social media used by a billion users worldwide.

The idea of ​​the Communist Party controlling TikTok's algorithms in order to push content according to its desires and, above all, to seduce young users, is almost intolerable. There is life without TikTok. This is seen in India, where less threatening media outlets stepped in after the ban.