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Learn How to Climb Trading: A Crash Course in 6 Parts

Learn How to Climb Trading: A Crash Course in 6 Parts

Today we have the ultimate Climbing Trading crash course for you. In six episodes, you’ll learn everything you need to know to transition from indoor climbing to multi-pitch trad climbing.

In a total of six episodes, all aspects of traditional climbing are examined: from rope handling and material placement to construction and rappelling. The heroes of the videos are DMM graphic designer Claire Carr and climbing coach Alice Kerr. The following videos are suitable for people who want to get started, as a refresher course to come back to again, and also as a guide to climbing courses.

When trad climbing or clean climbing, you only use portable safety devices. Photo: DMM

Learn to Climb Trade – Overview

Learn Trade Climbing Part 1: Secure with two ropes

In this episode, Coach Alice explains the basics of partner checking, dynamic stabilization and the half-rope technique.

Learn to Trade Climbing Part 2: Putting on Mobile Straps

In part two of this series, Alice explains what you need for your first commercial rack and how to install mobile bushings in rock.


Learn to Climb Trade Part 3: Building a Platform

In Part Three, you’ll learn how to build a barrier on a trade route and secure your climbing partner from the top.

Learn to Climb Trade Part 4: Climbing a Single Pitch Route

The fourth part is devoted to the first ascent at the “sharp end” of the rope and touches on the most important points to take into account.

Learn Trad Climbing Part 5: Abseiling

Anyone who climbs must come down again at some point. The fifth part of the series is about abseiling and all the tricks associated with it.

Learn to Climb the Trade Part 6: Leading a Multi-Pitch Route

In the sixth and final episode, the goal is to implement what has been learned so far on a multi-stadium trading route. Trainer Alice explains what you should pay attention to.

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