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Oliver with a surprise revelation about Amira Boucher

Oliver with a surprise revelation about Amira Boucher

Amira and Oliver Bucher can be seen together on stage despite their separation.Photo: Tobias Haase/DPA


Desiree Ostlund

On September 11, Amira and Oliver Bucher got together in a beautiful setting in front of the Rhine River in Cologne to record their podcast. This was their first appearance together after announcing their separation. In a Q&A session, the former couple answered some juicy questions – and many were revealed.

The mood among the Buchers seemed relaxed, with all signs pointing to harmony. However, they sent different signals. Ollie seemed intoxicated with love, and Amira seemed more relaxed. And also for a short moment, especially this evening, What aroused their emotions in both of them did not change this impression.

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Oliver Bucher celebrates Christmas with two ex-wives

The general Q&A session only got interesting when someone in the audience asked about the Pochers’ plans for Christmas. Oliver looked at Amira feeling a little embarrassed and confessed to her that he had planned to go on a safari with Sandy (i.e. Alessandra Mayer Welden, ex-wife and mother of his three children) and all the children. However, this is absolutely out of the question for a princess. They love icy winters, requiring snow and a full Christmas program – but also celebrating together.

“You know me,” she says to her husband. For them it is clearly a Christmas meal It will be held at one table with Sandy, Ollie and their children. It sounds like a dream breakup out of a Chevy Chase movie — for everyone involved.

Amira Boucher didn’t want to advertise herself at first – and then there were the congratulations on her first million

Viewers also wondered what Amira Boucher’s future career would look like. She wants to focus more on fashion and less on TV, because “you don’t have anything on your hands.” After all, Amira “never wanted to appear in public.”She has even suffered more from lewd comments in the past few days.

“Those comments that hurt me the most were when it was said that I had only used Ollie as a stepping stone and that I was now getting rid of him,” she explains under the bright lights. The comedian immediately intervened, saying: “I really can’t accuse her of that. She never wanted fame, but I got into it because I saw the potential in it.”

Because Amira hid from the spotlight during the first three years of the relationship. They had a secret relationship, and although he allowed her to accompany him on occasions, he did not allow her to present herself as a partner. On the red carpet, Amira had to stand behind the cameras and watch her partner being questioned by journalists about “strange sexy women.” “It was really painful,” the mother of two recalls.

Because Amira Boucher caught the public’s attention through Wendler. First, Wendler’s parodies spread, and we remember Amira in the role of Laura Muller, then the “Bucher vs. Wendler” show followed. That’s when it happened. In the few hours of the show, the audience fell in love with the Austrian citizen. She gained over 200,000 followers on Instagram overnight. Oliver Bucher remembers it as if he had created a star that day: “I looked at her and said, ‘Congratulations on your first million.’

All other TV jobs came “by chance,” Amira says with a smile. But Ollie was sure from the beginning of Amira’s potential on stage. He just said, “Your brother is half Egyptian and was born on September 11. Shall I write the script for your show – or do you figure it out yourself?”

Bruce Darnell is a favorite of the Bucher family – and Verena Kerth less so

A viewer wants to stir up some gossip and asks who are the friendliest but also unfriendly celebrities the pushers know. The clear winner of sympathy for both is Bruce Darnell. Amira met the artist at an event when she was not yet in the public eye. There is no trace of any airs and graces on Bruce’s part. “He gave me really deep compliments.” (After Ollie’s subsequent Bruce parody, the viewer wondered if Busher’s never-ending modernity and lack of Bruce Darnell-style deep compliments might have been missing in this relationship.)

According to Amira, singer Mark Terenzi was also “surprisingly nice.” But his partner Verena Kerth seemed distant when they met. Musician Apache 207, with whom Oliver Bucher danced to the Backstreet Boys at the after-show party despite the huge height difference, is also completely professional and always friendly.

Oliver Bucher talks about taking pictures of his children in kindergarten

Another question prompted the comedian to reveal how successfully professional tennis players use his tennis court to prepare for important tournaments. Bucher revealed that it was rewarding to have a tennis court built on your own property out of love. He’s alluding to his ex-lover and tennis player Sabine Lisicki, for whom he built an entire tennis court. She broke up with him in 2016, but the tennis court still brings him – and others – happiness today.

How did the Pocher family manage to protect their children, even in kindergarten, from overzealous or photographic mothers or kindergarten teachers? The answer is very simple: the Bush family children naturally go to an elite kindergarten where they also meet other prominent children. It is usual to state at registration whether children may be photographed for the yearbook, home page or other events. Of course Amira and Ollie decided against it.

How long will syndicated podcasts continue to exist?

But the real question this evening is: How long can the former couple be able to keep their joint podcast alive and stay so close despite the breakup? Recreational ping pong between flirting attempts and rejection It usually stops immediately when a new partner intervenes. Then things can quickly become less comfortable.

Of course, the Buchers also asked themselves what to do next and came up with the following answer: As long as that goes well, the podcast will continue. In the end, the former couple drives away from the scene together in the car. Only the Bushers themselves knew whether the jokes continued or whether there was suddenly an icy parting mood.