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Lead role in ‘Red Roses’ – but fans want Diana Staehly back in a different role

Lead role in ‘Red Roses’ – but fans want Diana Staehly back in a different role

“It’s over now! I’ve been filming here in beautiful Lüneburg for about 6 weeks now and I’m really looking forward to the coming months. Unfortunately, a little patience is still needed as I won’t be seen until the end of November.”

There were a lot of congratulations under the post, including from fans who can’t do anything with the telenovela ARD. One user wrote: “I haven’t watched this series yet, that will change. I’m looking forward to the role. Nice to see you again.” Another comment read: “Congratulations and enjoy your time in Lüneburg. I’m sure you will enhance the series greatly! Personally, I’ve found the plot and some of the actors a bit weak in recent years. I’ll be taking a look again from November. Promise!”

Although it’s a joy to see Staehly back on TV soon, many people miss her in “Rosenheim Cops”: I wish you all the best, dear Diana Staehly, I’m not watching “Rote Rosen” and would be more interested in Patricia Ortmann’s return. To Rosenheim – the cops hope.”

“It’s really crazy how many fans want Ms. Ortman back in the present day. I think I do too…” one viewer wrote.

Even Heidi’s father, Gunther Klum, spoke out, saying: “It’s a shame, I don’t watch TV series like that, only Rosenheim Police. However, congratulations, we guarantee you will enrich the show.”

Staehly played controller Patrizia Ortmann in the ZDF series from 2007 to 2015. She left to devote herself to new projects. One of them is Soko Cologne, which she will soon lead as Anna Maywald.