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Lauder criticizes the distribution of the DFB premium – kicker

Lauder criticizes the distribution of the DFB premium – kicker

Ahead of the German national team’s first match on Monday at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, former national player Simon Lauder has openly criticized the German Football Association’s bonus distribution.

Former national player Simone Lauder does not agree to the distribution of bonuses awarded by the German Federation.
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The 2007 world champion complained in an interview with Kicker: “The men would have received 400,000 euros for the World Cup title, and the women would have received about 250,000 euros. Why doesn’t the DFB increase the bonus to 400,000 euros?”

Her reasoning: “When we play for the national team, we play for Germany. We all have the same goal. Why is there a federation level difference?” And she thinks: “Especially we old people have to raise our voices.” Not only did Lauder win the 2007 World Cup with the national team, he also won the 2009 and 2013 European Championships and the 2016 Olympic gold medal in Rio.

But we have to take more steps now, not just in five years. This is not enough for me.

Simone Lauder talks about the progress of German women’s football

Overall, not enough has happened in Germany after last year’s European Championship success in England, says the 37-year-old. “I was very happy because the stadiums were finally full. Something is happening. But there has to be more. Of course not everything is bad, on the contrary. We have to take more steps now, not just in five years. It’s not enough for me.” Her wish: There should be more cooperation in the clubs. As in England, men and women train in many clubs on the same site.

The former national player, who ended her professional career in 2021, would like to see such a connection at Bayern Munich, for example. “In my opinion, Bayern women should also be able to train on Säbener Strasse and exchange ideas with men. At some point women should also be integrated into the Allianz Arena.” Of course, the conditions are “great on campus, but the proximity, communication and exchange would be better. That should not apply to Bayern,” hopes Lauder, who played in Munich from 2016 to 2021 and then worked in the club’s museum. Since the fall of 2022, Lauder has been assigned to EA Sports, the leading provider of sports games for women’s soccer.

In this regard, the connection to her favorite sport is still very intense. There is no favorite nickname for Ludher in the World Cup. Not even a world champion: “The USA is a championship team. But I don’t rate them as strong as they have in recent years.” And it is still difficult to assess the German team: “One of the weaknesses is defensive behaviour.” However: “It is justified that they want to be world champions. Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. Germany has always been a championship team, but other countries do not sleep. It is not bad what the so-called underdogs bring to the field.”

Defeat Zambia Ludher is not a broken leg

Like Zambia, who beat Germany 3-2 in the last friendly match before the World Cup. No break in Lauder’s leg: “For the German team it’s still about eliminating weaknesses. We’ve played games like this in the past.” And after that, the tournaments went well anyway. As in 2007 in China. At the time, the German world champions could look forward to the €90,000 title reward.