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Latam cabin: what Edelweiss will offer on its Airbus A350 aircraft

Latam cabin: what Edelweiss will offer on its Airbus A350 aircraft

The Swiss holiday airline is taking delivery of a used Airbus A350. For the first four versions, Edelweiss takes over responsibility for the cabin from previous operator Latam. What do you offer?

This will happen in just one year. Edelweiss will take delivery of its first Airbus A350 at the beginning of April 2025 – before its sister company Swiss. The Swiss airline will initially use the new aircraft model on short and medium-haul routes and thus train its crews. But as of mid-May 2025, we'll be heading across the North Atlantic to Las Vegas.

Travelers can choose from two categories when booking. Edelweiss offers a total of 309 economy class seats on its Airbus A350 aircraft, arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration. 246 of them are regular seats with a pitch of 31 to 32 inches or 79 to 81 cm. Its Lufthansa subsidiary calls the seven front rows “Economy Max,” and the 63 seats offer 35 inches, or 89 cm, more legroom and the backrests can be tilted 40 percent back. You pay extra fees for them.

All seats are equipped with a screen, socket and USB port

Edelweiss offers 30 business class seats on the Airbus A350. It can be converted into flat beds approximately 1.90 meters long. The arrangement here is 2-2-2. Window seats do not have direct access to the aisle. In addition to an entertainment system, all seats offer a screen (business class: 46 cm diagonal, economy 23 cm) as well as USB sockets and ports.

Airbus A350 seating plan from Latin America: It will also be valid in Edelweiss first. Latam's photo

The cabin is not new. The holiday airline is taking delivery of its six used Airbus A350 aircraft. They all used to go to Latin America. For the first four aircraft, Edelweiss will also be responsible for the interior design of the Chilean-Brazilian airline in a transitional phase. However, it will be visually adapted to your design. After Hainansa aircraft, the Lufthansa Group will soon also have stainless steel jets.

All seats are equipped with a screen, socket and USB port

The two Airbus A350s, of which Edelweiss is expected to be the last to enter the fleet at the end of 2026, will already have a new cabin. Details about it are not yet known. In 2027, the other four will get their own new Edelweiss cabin, the spokesman explains. Therefore, only the last A340 aircraft will be phased out.

In the photo gallery above you can see images of the cabin of LATAM's Airbus A350, which will also be used for the first time on Edelweiss. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in large format.