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Klaksvik: This is how the club created such a sensation against Lille

Klaksvik: This is how the club created such a sensation against Lille

Captain in conversation

This is how the Faroe Islands club explains the feeling it feels in front of the 200 million team

There was a big upset in the league conference on Thursday night. Lille made a mistake and played only the draw against Klaksvik. Captain Strangers is full of joy.


Klaksvik celebrates the Faroe Islands’ first point win in a European competition.


  • There was a big upset in the conference tournament on Thursday.

  • OSC Lille only managed a 0-0 draw with Klaksvik.

  • The club from the Faroe Islands made history.

  • Spoke 20 minutes with Klaksvik Captain Jakob Andriessen.

With a 0-0 draw in the Conference League against OSC Lille KI Klaksvik made history on Thursday night. This was the first point won by a Faroese club in a European competition. Even more impressive was pulling off this coup against the top French club. The value of the Lille team is estimated at 200 million francs, compared to only three million for Klaksvik.

20 Minutes spoke with Klaksvik captain Jakob Andriessen on Friday. The 25-year-old is a Faroe Islands national team player (19 appearances, 1 goal). The midfielder still can’t believe it a day after this sensation. “It feels good,” Andreasen says. And: “It was a wonderful and historic match for us as a club, and getting a point against such a strong team gives us a lot of confidence for the upcoming matches in Europe.”

The goaltender was still a defenseman in the spring

The Faroe Islands native has a clear answer for success: “We achieved it by working very hard, coming together as a team, and always believing that we can compete with anyone.” Football is very popular in Klaksvik and throughout the Faroe Islands and means a lot to many people.

What makes the 0-0 draw against OSK Lille even more special: two-thirds of Klaksvik’s players are amateurs. “We have electricians, carpenters, salespeople and accountants,” Andreasen explains to 20 Minutes. Furthermore: “Due to the financial situation, it is difficult for any club in the Faroe Islands to have a full team of full-time professionals.” So that everyone has time for their work or school, they will also practice later in the day.

The captain has particular praise for goalkeeper Jonathan Johansson. This one has a special story. He recently played as a hobby in the Norwegian 5th League – as a defender. When Klaksvik ran out of goalkeepers, Klaksvik coach Magne Hoseth called the trained electrician to convince him to succeed.

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