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King Charles III has a request for Prince William – it's about Kate Middleton

King Charles III has a request for Prince William – it's about Kate Middleton

This news caused a real shock to the royal family and the British people: King Charles III. Suffering from cancer, Princess Kate Middleton had to undergo abdominal surgery. The king made an urgent request to his son, Prince William.

William is currently going through a difficult time: his father and wife are in poor health. Royal duties now fall to the heir to the throne. But King Charles III. He has completely different advice for his son: He should give up his royal duties and be there for Kate Middleton and his family.

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King Charles III wants his son to spend time with the family

Shortly after Kate's surgery, William took some time off. However, the 41-year-old returned to his duties. According to an insider, it was King Charles who encouraged his son to be there for his family rather than focusing on his royal duties. This was reported by the English-language GB News agency.

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The insider was quoted as saying: “I think Charles has encouraged William to spend more time with the family, and also told William: 'I don't want you to take on any royal duties until you absolutely have to.'” Prince William should be happy with his young family for as long as possible. He still has royal duties to perform for many years to come.

Kate Middleton is recovering from abdominal surgery

“He wants William to be able to enjoy his wife and family as much as he can within the scope of his job,” the insider continued.

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Kate Middleton is currently recovering from her surgery at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, and is unlikely to return to royal duties until after Easter at the earliest. The princess was treated at the London clinic, the same place where King Charles was treated for an enlarged prostate.