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Katie Lamb, Michaela Kirsch, and Caro Senhuber rock hard

Katie Lamb, Michaela Kirsch, and Caro Senhuber rock hard

American Katie Lamb has expanded her route book with two new 8B+ boulders. Compatriot Michaela Kirsch climbs 8B boulders in one session, and Caro Senhuber pulls down classic red boulder Lethal Design (8A+).

Although Katie Lamb’s 8B+ ascent has been around for some time, they are no less impressive. In Squamish, the 26-year-old achieved her seventh 8B+ rock in two years with the Deadlift. Although she failed last year due to the overhanging and strong line, she was able to climb the rock in her last attempt last September.

The powerful American also succeeded a month later in Mizugaki, Japan. She was perhaps the first woman to repeat Toru Nakajima’s test piece “I Decided”, thus her 8B+ rock is the eighth. Like the Deadlift, Decided is also a very steep and powerful rock lift.

Climbing shoe for installation: Black Diamond Method S

The women’s version of the Method S from Black Diamond is designed to score points even on steep climbing routes.

It also has a soft midsole, pre-tensioned last, and rubber inserts in the toe area and shaped heel so you can attach secure hooks.

Engineered knit tongue ensures comfort and breathability. The Velcro strap ensures quick and precise S-way adjustment.

8B Boulder in one day

A few days ago, Michaela Kirsch successfully tackled a solo mission in Huntington Canyon. Within a few hours she towed the 8B Boulder after hours. The heel shank, small 6 millimeter length, and toe hook at the outlet seem to have worked for her.

I’m thrilled that my fingers and biceps are still working well after a month or two of climbing.

Michaela Kirsch

Speaking of sport climbing: During her trip to Spain, Michaela Kirsch covered several challenging routes in Margalif in ten days, including Victimes del Futur (9a), Era Vella (9a), Coma sant pere (8c+), and Zipoyorik ez ( 8c), Flash Over (8b+) or La Niña Mala (8b).

Groin shooting at its best

Caro Senhuber is going strong too. The Austrian successfully designed Lethal Design, one of the most popular 8A+ lines in the United States, in the Red Rocks area near Las Vegas. And it seems she’s graced the rock, too:

Long rock on the ledges, what more could you want?

Caro Senhuber

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