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Kate Middleton and Prince William break the rules – “Act of Defiance”

Kate Middleton and Prince William break the rules – “Act of Defiance”

A major controversy surrounds the actions of Kate Middleton and Prince William during their visit to a Liverpool hospital. Royal protocol contains strict guidelines about what is acceptable during public visits.

The future king has learned the basics of royal behavior since childhood, and Kate, who has been married to William for nearly 13 years, of course knows the strict guidelines inside and out.

Kate and William: photos with hospital staff

Royal family experts agree that the error against Buckingham Palace rules cannot be a mere coincidence. What exactly happened? The couple toured a new hospital in January 2023, and allowed staff at Royal Liverpool Hospital to take selfies with them. Hospital staff said that Kate Middleton and Prince William were very friendly and approachable. It looks completely normal.

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mistake! In this “closeness to the people”, the future king and his wife broke the strict code of conduct that applies to all members of the royal family, it has now been revealed. Not all rules are for the public, but Harry's wife Meghan Markle revealed this rule in 2017. Selfies are absolutely taboo. During her first official tour of Nottingham, she was bluntly told: “We're not allowed to take selfies.”

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Now in Liverpool there is this clear violation by Kate and William. Many experts believe that it is no coincidence that this “mistake” occurred shortly after the dissident Prince Harry published his memoirs “Spare” (original English title “Spare”). This was reported by the English newspaper “Mirror”. In the book, he reveals situations about life as a prince and exposes the royal family.

Kate Middleton: Breaking the rules as an 'act of defiance'?

The British press describes breaking the taboo as an “act of defiance” against Prince Harry and a reaction to his controversial memoirs. The book still divides families today. But why are selfies so taboo for the royal family?

The reason for this is obvious: there are major safety concerns. On the one hand, no photos of royal property should be published. When taking selfies with others, members of the royal family may pose close to strangers. There is a risk of an attack or even an assassination attempt.

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Private social media accounts are also banned. No Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. It also means that even if a member of the royal family took selfies, there would be no platform to post them. Buckingham Palace therefore regularly publishes family snapshots taken and officially approved.