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JVP is number one among young voters

JVP is number one among young voters

Young ÖVP is happy to take first place among young voters after the Upper Austria state elections. Referring to pollster Peter Hajek and his calculations for ATV, JVPOÖ notes that 25 percent of 16-19 year olds have chosen OÖVP with LH Thomas Stelzer.

“We young people are clearly behind Thomas Stelzer and we want him to continue his successful work as governor! In addition, we are happy that at ÖVP we have so far sent the most young candidates to the race and are therefore strongly represented by the mayor and local councils in the state parliament,” said the regional president. By JVP Claudia Blacolm. Adding self-confidence: “In ÖVP, young people are not sitting on the bench but at the negotiating table!”.

The “Mission Tomorrow” campaign was in all regions and communities in the summer, and LH Stelzer was announced as “Captain Tom”. Young ÖVP, Chairwoman of the Committee, Blackholm, emphasizes not only the mouthpiece of youth, but also a translator of modern politics – something that appears, for example, in specially designed JVP comics, which were used primarily to address first-time voters.