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Jurgen Klopp explodes with reporter's question

Jurgen Klopp explodes with reporter’s question

Hot, hotter, Wanda! The stadium in Madrid is a cauldron on Tuesday evening. The fans in the stands are noisy, the Atletico and Liverpool players are aggressive and there are two volcanoes on the sidelines that threaten to erupt at any time.

There is Diego Simeone, who walks back and forth in his training area throughout the match. And with Jürgen Klopp there is someone a few meters away who is hardly less emotional than his counterpart.

Simeone refuses to shake hands

In the end, it’s Klopp who holds the fist. Liverpool win 3-2. Also because Antoine Griezmann was prematurely sent in the shower after a kick in the 52nd minute and Mardellian was denied a penalty by VAR shortly before the end.

One last stage that gets on your nerves. Klopp shouts angrily on Spanish night. Meanwhile, Simeone feels like he’s in the wrong movie. After the final whistle, the Atlético coach rushed into the catacombs in a fit of rage. Handshake with Klopp? to reject!

A little later, Klopp raised his hat when a reporter approached him about the event. “You’re not a nice person because you want to make a story out of him!”

“I’m not an idiot”

He wanted to know why the Liverpool boss was so angry in the end. “I was angry? I wasn’t angry! I wanted to shake hands with him, he doesn’t want to.” Klopp almost can’t stop himself. “I’m not an idiot!” “You came with a question like that. I wasn’t angry at all. But I can imagine you want to turn it into a story.”

In the end, he cuts off the interview, annoyed.

In the post-match media conference, things seem to have gone a bit smoother. Klopp eases off work, he has no problem with Simeone. Klopp confirmed: “He did nothing wrong.” Hence he is glad that he decided this hot duel for himself. (my mom)