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Jungle Camp: Heinz Hoenig and co.  They left for Australia

Jungle Camp: Heinz Hoenig and co. They left for Australia

Jungle Camp 2024

Updated on January 9, 2024 at 12:48 pm

The first load of candidates is coming in. Heinz Hoenig and Twenty4Tim left Frankfurt Airport for Australia. The actor brings his wife, the influencer his mother, artificial fingernails and hair removal cream.

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“I'm a star – get me out of here!” Less than two weeks to go. The first jungle campers are now on their way to Australia. Heinz Hoenig (72) poses for photographers at Frankfurt am Main airport. The legendary actor arrived with his wife Annika Karsten-Honig (38), who accompanied him as moral support.

Heinz Hoenig wore a cardigan over a shirt and sneakers as he escaped the sub-zero temperatures of the Australian summer. His wife was dressed in black. Besides his wife, Heinz Hoenig is supported on site by his two children and his mother-in-law.

Twenty4Tim comes with hair removal cream

Further Twenty4Tim (23) Presented himself to photographers in Frankfurt. The influencer arrived at the airport with his parents and his mother was flying with him to Australia. Twenty4Tim has braided his blonde hair back into cornrows. “I thought it would be nice if somehow there was feces or fish waste thrown in or I don't know what.” He said RTL.

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She didn't put on her trademark long, glittery fake nails before taking off. They are glued to the site only. Before her stay at the jungle camp, the social media star had botox injections again.

Besides a cloth kangaroo, Twenty4Tim also brings adhesive tattoos and self-tanner. Also in the bag: hair removal cream. He likes to use it for intimate areas: “For the bar, it's very important, because if I go in there to take a shower, you can see everything.”

Season 17 “I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” Starts on January 19, 2024 on RTL.
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