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Julian Nagelsmann as national coach of DFB is the anti-Flick

Julian Nagelsmann as national coach of DFB is the anti-Flick

Successful start as national coach: Julian Nagelsmann
Photo: EPA

For Julian Nagelsmann, good atmosphere comes from good football. After ten days with the new national coach, one thing is clear: his principle is to tickle the national team in the right place.

DrSearching for the spirit that makes great things happen is something that concerns every coach. For the national football team, the magic word under Hansi Flick was: team. Flick never failed to build team spirit and sometimes even strained it a little. “Always protect the team,” was the slogan he wanted to burn in the minds of his staff at the World Cup in Qatar. “Always protect the team,” as seen in the Amazon Prime documentary, was disastrous for the national team at the time. trainer.

It’s Flick’s principle, and it worked perfectly during his time at Bayern Munich. However, with the national team, you can sometimes feel from the outside that a little more protection, a little more intensity might have been a good thing. Flick will also likely ask himself whether the team has benefited from the good nature and patience with which the coach has treated them.