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Joe Biden’s dog leader has to leave the White House

Joe Biden’s dog leader has to leave the White House

“first dog”

Biden’s evil dog leader has to leave the White House

The leader of the “first dog” (2) has already been observed with more than a dozen biting attacks. He had now overstepped his bounds and had to move out of his master’s official residence.


It is clear that the Commander takes his job as a guard particularly seriously.

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  • The US President’s dog, Commander, has attracted attention for his unusual willingness to bite.

  • More than a dozen cases of biting attacks have been recorded, often targeting family bodyguards.

  • Now the two-year-old Shepherd has to leave the White House. His future is uncertain.

After he Bitten several employees Joe Biden’s dog leader has to leave the White House. the Biden family The White House has sent the 2-year-old German shepherd to an undisclosed location while it considers next steps for the animal, a White House spokeswoman said.

CNN and Axios had previously reported that Commander, who moved to the White House as a puppy in 2021, was said to have bitten more people than was initially known. The US Secret Service reported that eleven agents were bitten, but according to CNN that number is higher, and other White House staff were also injured by bites. In one case, the victim had to be treated in hospital.

The Major has already flown out of the White House

Elizabeth Alexander, spokeswoman for Jill Biden, said: “The safety of White House staff (…) is extremely important to the President and the First Lady.” “They are grateful for the patience and support of the US intelligence community and all involved as they continue to work toward solutions,” she added. “The leader is currently away from the White House grounds while next steps are evaluated,” Alexander said.

main also, Another German Shepherd The Biden family made headlines with a biting incident after moving into the White House and were then temporarily sent to the US president’s private residence in Delaware. He later stayed with family friends.

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