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Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 (1971)

Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 (1971)

The Jaguar E-Type is an icon of automotive engineering and is the only production car in the world to be on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The E-Type was produced from 1961 to September 1974 in four series (S1, S1½, S2, S3) and three engines (3.8 L, 4.2 L 6-cylinder and 5.3 L V12). The latest series with its stunning, silky-smooth V12 engine was produced as a coupe and convertible a total of 15,287 times. With this V12 engine, whose predecessor dates back to 1935, Jaguar introduced the first large-block V12 engine with a light-alloy block and Heron combustion chambers. According to the car's registration document, this 3 Series Coupé was first registered in Germany on July 1, 1971, and after a complete restoration, it was transported to Switzerland in 2007, where it was looked after with great care and love by an expert.

Body and paint
The flawless body shows no bumps and no paint damage. The entire appearance is in almost new condition. This also includes all seals, window guides and chrome parts, all of which have been restored or replaced.

The interior was completely renovated in 2007, using only original materials and furnishings. The leather is elastic, quality treated and preserved. All paintings are in excellent condition.
The rear bench seat, which folds forward, increases trunk volume significantly, meaning there's enough room for golf equipment for two people.

Engine and mechanics
The starting and running behavior of the silky smooth V12 engine is exemplary and provides long, comfortable trips. The Borg Warner automatic system plus modified air conditioning heighten relaxation even further.
With the Jaguar E, you're probably getting the cheapest version of the classic V12 engine with unbeatable sound.

Landing gear
Jaguar E-Types are known for their good road holding, although the powerful, high-torque V12 tends to be more suited to cruising than racing. Large four-wheel disc brakes provide a safe driving experience and strong grip even at high speeds. The chassis, shock absorbers and brakes have also been completely modified and show very good values ​​on the test stand.

Driving experience
As soon as you start the engine, you can feel the special features of this noble sports car. The soft, velvety unit is neither loud nor dull. The acceleration and sound are similar to that of an airplane. The torque that is always present is amazing and you can hardly feel the gear being changed. The E V12 engine allows for fast progress as well as fun cruising – even over long distances.

Technically and visually very healthy and beautiful, this V12 Coupé is a clear example that will welcome you to any event, and can drive to the opera with almost unparalleled elegance. The care given to this elegant icon makes this veteran-approved V12 Coupé a loyal companion, as we were able to prove in April with a trip to Lugano Elegance.