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IWGA workshops for NOCs and NSOs in Madrid

IWGA workshops for NOCs and NSOs in Madrid

We Invited Strengthen our athletes Even better

The International World Games Association is strengthening its cooperation with national sharbor destinations. in Opening Speak in the the first IWGA National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and National Sports Organizational Meeting (National Statistical Association). In Madrid on Wednesday, IWGA President José Perorena said: “The cooperation between you and the global gaming family has been improved and intensified in the recent period. A few years, but there calm More steps We can have commonalities In order to better develop our athletes.”

the hybrid Meeting at the Spanish NOC Headquarters What he attended 28 Actors No objection certificates etc National statistical offices. They included Germany’s DOSB, Austria’s Sport and South Africa’s NOC And Representatives of the National Petroleum Corporation of China and Chinese Taipei No objection certificate. The emphasis was on close cooperation in construction To the twelfth edition of the multi-sporting eventTo be a hero From 7y To 17y August 2025 in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China.

The IWGA met in Madrid at the invitation of Alejandro BlancoChairman of COE (Spanish National Oil Corporation). In his welcome address, President Blanco Confirm The increasing importance of TWorld Games within the Olympic Movement. IWGA President Jose Berwina He echoed this assessment by saying That’s right there Not longer A clear distinction between Olympic and non-Olympic sports. pointed to About 15 Sports and disciplines that were used TThe World Games serve as a stepping stone towards the Olympic Games Programs. Joachim GosoCEO of the IWGAHe indicated that RHey 2024 Olympic games In Paris It will contain the IWGA Federations Dance sport (broke down), Roller Sport (skate boardng), climbing and surfing.

Athletes benefit from it Existence of NOC/NSO

More and more national sports Organizational Owns a favour The increasing importance of TIt is the World Games. The meeting was attended by 39 national oil committees or national statistics offices Edition of Games in BirminghamUnited State Yessince. This was it 40 percent more than in the tenth editionn in 2017 in WrocławPoland said Clouds Willy, Executive Vice President of the IWGA in his presentation. Entities On site supportsMr. Dr Athletes have By covering travel costsFor example. They offerDr UniformsTo display them as a team represents their numbersy. Hmm haDr Their physical therapists And supporting teams On site, And make sureDr Media Coverage in athletes’ home countries with Public relations difference.

One motivation is that TToday’s World Games winners could be potential medal candidates at tomorrow’s Olympic Games. José Perorena can point to an example from his homeland. Spanish karate Sandra Sanchez He won the silver medal in TIt is the World Games 2017 In Wroclaw, Poland, a gold medal at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo and another gold medal in TIt is the World Games 2022 In Birmingham, USA. Sandra Sanchez is now the IWGA’s Chief Athlete A committee.

Rudy Lahore From the Belgian National Olympic Committee he pointed to skater Bart Swings who won his first gold medal never For his country at the Winter Olympics in Beijing In 2022. In the same year, Swings won four Gold Medals in Roller SSkating at the Games in Birmingham. One of the highlights Technical Working Group 2022 It was a rematch in women’s softball. Japan won the final over the United States At the Olympic Games in Tokyo; IIn Birmingham, the United States won a rematch against Japan for the gold medal.

More national entities are expected to be in Chengdu

The IWGA wants it Announce additional Benefits of We take Athletes Supported by their NOCs/NSOs. Joachim Gussow expects there will be more national entities in Chengdu in Games 2025. “On the way to Chengdu, IIt is important to understand the wants and needs of NOCs and NSOs better, And take it into account when preparing for the games,” He said. This also includes improving communication around any athletes of a country that has Eligible for TWG. Unlike the Olympics, nominations For TWG It is carried out through international sports federations.

TWorkshop participants So He wanted to seePromote accreditation Work crew And The process of ensuring its availability With everyone the Necessary access rights. Those desires He came forward During a panel discussion conducted by the IWGA Vice President Tom Dehlin. Rudy Lahore from Belgium, Marco AlvesHead of Portugal’s delegation to the Birmingham Games Arya SamiThe Head of the Austrian Mission praised the progress achieved during the recent editions, But he stressed what needed to be done the The future as well.

IWGA President Jose Perorena promised to take the suggestions into account when preparing for the Games. Moreover And at the momentContact with national oil commissions and national statistical offices will be intensified. Another workshop is scheduled for fall 2024. At this meeting, which will be held in Chengdu, IWGA Together with the locals to organize A committee Wants Give information directly About gaming in 2025, And He says How patriotic Organizational It can contribute to the success of the athletes and the event.

Joachim Gussow described the meeting in Madrid as… incentivize To other national oil companies and national scout organizations To engage with athletes in their country in TWorld Games: We are convinced that this workshop will turn outMr. Dr Importance Which IWGA comments on Role National sports Organizational. We expect that tHey exchanges During the sessions He wants encouragement Increase numbers No objection certificates etc Cooperation between national scout associations more closely with us.

World Games It is a multi-sport event organized by the International Federation of World Games every four years, and organized with the support of the International Olympic Committee. The 2022 World Games were held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, from 7 to 17 July 2022. 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and 100 countries participated in the Games. The 12th edition of the World Games will be held in Chengdu, China, from August 7 to 17, 2025.