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Italian comedian mocks Biden and goes viral

Italian comedian mocks Biden and goes viral

Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

Joe Biden's age and awkwardness during public appearances have often attracted media attention lately – with the US presidential election looming. An Italian comedian also became aware of the topic and took on the role of the 81-year-old in a short (but accurate) sketch.

Just this up front: The ending is hard…

Video: Watson/Lucas Zollinger

The video is currently going viral on social media. Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza used it to promote the eighth and final season of his one-man show “Fratelli di Crozza” and the German language “The Crozza Brothers”. In the political satirical program on the Italian TV channel “Novi” he regularly impersonates politicians, but of course most often he impersonates politicians from his own country, for example Prime Minister Giugia Meloni or the recently deceased former Silvio Berlusconi. Due to current events, Joe Biden also “enjoyed” the parody.

Ruthless – and precise

The parody addresses many of the wrongdoings committed by the 41st President of the United States of America in recent years. From literal errors on stage (past) to name mix-ups to anecdotal nonsense, Cruz never misses a joke at the expense of the oldest sitting American president in history.

Trump was not spared either

Fratelli di Crozza has been broadcasting since 2017. Biden's Republican rival in the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump, has already been mocked by Maurizio Crozza. (LZO)

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