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Israel: The body of a soldier was identified after 75 years

Israel: The body of a soldier was identified after 75 years


After 75 years, I finally learned the sad truth

Dov Broder died during a military operation in 1948. On Saturday, the Missing Persons Unit was able to identify his body and his family can bury it.


The photo shows Dov “Berallah” Broder and his wife, Batia. The 95-year-old widow learned on Saturday that her husband’s body had been identified.

Department of missing persons

  • Jewish soldier Dov “Beraleh” Browder died on May 13, 1948.

  • The Missing Persons Unit was able to identify his body on Saturday.

  • His body was identified by a ring described by 95-year-old widow Batja Browder.

In 1948, Dov “Beraleh” Broder died while working as a tank driver when his car was hit by a grenade. It was his body It was only decided last Saturday.

Such as the Jewish weekly magazine “Tackles” According to reports, Browder was part of the Alexandroni Brigade and died in Operation Medina to seize the Palestinian city of Kfar Saba. The operation took place on May 13, 1948 – one day before the declaration of the State of Israel – and was part of preparations for a planned invasion of Arab countries.

Browder’s widow, 95, found out about the identification on Saturday

His body was buried in an unmarked soldier’s grave in the Segula Cemetery in Pecha Tikva. The IDF Missing Persons Department began investigating the grave in 2006. For this purpose, documents and witness statements from this period were examined, the course of the battle was analyzed, and anthropological and genetic tests were carried out.

Browder was identified by a gold ring described by his 95-year-old widow, Batia Browder. She and other family members were informed of their identification on Saturday evening. The new headstone will be unveiled in the coming months.

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