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International Climate Ranking - National Climate Policy: Switzerland drops from 23rd to 51st - News

International Climate Ranking – National Climate Policy: Switzerland drops from 23rd to 51st – News

  • In the global climate rankings, Switzerland rose from 23rd to 51st place in the national climate policy category.
  • Environmental organization WWF Switzerland sees the failure of CO2 law at the polls as the cause of the ranking’s “breakdown”.
  • Switzerland counts in all categories, ranks 15th in the Climate Protection Index, a year ago, it was 14th.
  • This was demonstrated by the annual report of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) published Tuesday at the Glasgow Climate Conference.

For the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), German environmental organization Germanwatch and the New Climate Institute compare climate protection performance in 60 countries, which together are responsible for more than 90 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The evaluation is carried out in four categories:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions (40% of total)
  2. Renewable Energies (20%)
  3. Energy use (20%)
  4. National and International Climate Policy (20%)

In comparing countries, places 1 to 3 are not occupied, because according to Report on Climate Protection Efforts No country will do enough to protect the climate.

In international energy policy, experts emphasized that Switzerland has played an active role at the diplomatic level and has shown great commitment to transparency and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Financially, Switzerland is likely to pay more for this international commitment.

However, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, Switzerland fares better than them on the Climate Policy Index. Here it is ranked 14th in the rating. Thus, the country is characterized by its efficiency in reducing greenhouse gases. In an international comparison, Switzerland ranks 17th in the energy consumption index, and here too experts attest that it ranks first.

It requires more commitment

In the “renewable energies” category, Switzerland performed averagely (23rd), the WWF wrote in a press release. Since it has a lot of water and nuclear energy in the electricity mix, it automatically scores well. “But it is clear that progress is not enough,” the environmental organization said.

Scandinavia, Great Britain and Morocco will do more to protect the climate. “Switzerland’s contribution to maintaining a stable climate is currently practically zero,” said Patrick Hofstetter, a climate protection expert at the WWF. As a rich country, Switzerland should do more.

As a rich country, it can and must do more.

In its Energy Law Review, the WWF calls for the pursuit of green energy supplies. Solar energy must be expanded and energy used more efficiently. In addition, the environmental organization advocates for upcoming energy and environmental bills at the federal and cantonal level.