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Immediate termination of flight operations: US sanctions force Fly Baghdad to remain on the ground

Immediate termination of flight operations: US sanctions force Fly Baghdad to remain on the ground

First the blacklist in Europe, then the sanctions from the US and now the end. Air Baghdad stops flight operations with immediate effect.

Fly Baghdad announced at the end of last year that it would connect the Iraqi capital and Erbil to Berlin once a week, starting in mid-December. However, it was already clear when it was announced that the airline would not be operating the flights itself, as the European Union recently blacklisted the private Iraqi airline over security concerns. The advertisement remained.

As it turns out, this wasn't the hardest blow the airline has ever received. Things were about to get much worse. Monday (January 22) The United States imposed sanctions on Fly Baghdad and its managing director. The reason: they support the Iranian army.

US sanctions lead to the end

The US Treasury Department specifically accuses Bashir Abdul Kadhim Alwan Al-Shaibani of supporting the Iranian military wing and its proxy groups in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The airline denied involvement in illegal activities. However, the Iraqi government has now ordered an investigation into the allegations.

With dire consequences for the airline. Fly Baghdad decided, in a statement dated January 25, in agreement with the government and Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani, to immediately suspend flight operations until further notice. Aviation Week.

There are no refunds

Meanwhile, the airline announced that it was unable to refund tickets to customers because it no longer had access to their accounts. It also asked the Iraqi government to help repatriate stranded passengers.

According to data from the British company OAG, which specializes in aviation data, Fly Baghdad served 32 routes. Internationally, the company traveled to destinations such as Beirut, Damascus, Dubai, Istanbul and Tehran. The fleet consists of nine aircraft, eight of which are Boeing 737 and one Bombardier CRJ200.