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IGS Hamm student takes second place statewide in English language competition

IGS Hamm student takes second place statewide in English language competition

Press release on 07/20/2022

“The Big Challenge” is a European-wide English competition for students in grades 5-9, in which about 250,000 students from more than 2,500 schools participate each year in Germany alone. IGS Hamm was also there this year – and it was a huge hit.

Amanda Melkirk, Favor Idaho and Andrea Brambach-Becker at the award ceremony. (Photo: Diana Hedwig)

Important. The competition aims to contribute to language learning through play. Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and regional studies are tested. This school year the competition was held at IGS Hamm at the initiative of English teacher Amanda Melkirk. Fun and motivating, 55 students participated in early May, 32 in 5th grade, 7 in 6th grade, 13 in 7th grade, and 3 in 8th grade.

The results were impressive: Favor Idaho (8B) finished best with 275 points out of a possible 350 and finished second statewide and 42nd nationally for the eighth grader in her class. Also worth noting are the best in class: Mirella Jocharian (5°C), Sepp Harenek (6 days) and Vivien Boehmer (7 days).

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The award ceremony was held in mid-July for all. Amanda Melkirk presented various participation certificates and prizes such as pencils, posters, mini-reads, playing cards, calendars and flags to all contest participants. Director Andrea Brambach-Becker congratulated her warmly.

In general, the “Great Challenge” was a complete success and will gladly continue in the coming years. (evening)

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