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Hunger strike ends - Alexei Navalny wants to end his hunger strike - news

Hunger strike ends – Alexei Navalny wants to end his hunger strike – news

  • Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny, who went on a hunger strike in a concentration camp, was taken to a civilian hospital outside the prison for an investigation.
  • Meanwhile, Navalny has posted his intention to slowly exit the hunger strike via Instagram.
  • Leonid Volkov, a close confidant of Navalny, wrote on Twitter that he was being tested in the city of Vladimir, east of Moscow.

Alexei Navalny, a Russian opponent of the Kremlin imprisoned in the criminal camp, announced the end of his three-week hunger strike. She said in a message on his Instagram channel that under “all circumstances” he had begun to leave the hunger strike.

The 44-year-old now explains that he takes very seriously the evaluations of doctors he “fully trusts”. So he wanted to start eating slowly again. He also knew that few people had gone on a hunger strike in solidarity with him – and he didn’t want others to suffer physically for it.

In a message published by the media, the 44-year-old appealed to independent doctors, including Nawalni’s personal doctor, to immediately end his hunger strike.

If he continues not to eat, this would harm his health and, in the worst case, lead to death. According to their statements, the doctors evaluated the results of the examination. So the investigations were already conducted on Tuesday.

Nawalni’s environment pressed

Navalny’s team demands independent medical care for Kremlin opponents detained in concentration camp. He had gone on hunger strike for more than three weeks. On Sunday he had already been transferred to another penal camp with a clinic.

The politician recently complained of back problems, paralysis of the limbs, fever and cough.

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Doctors said there is an urgent need to end the hunger strike. But you also write that the investigations requested by Navalny may be undertaken. They were also able to gather the information needed to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

How it actually does it cannot be independently verified. It was only on Wednesday that supporters of the protests across the country demanded the arrival of independent doctors in Navalny.