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Wie gut läuft macOS Monterey in der Public Beta bei euch?

How well does macOS Monterey perform in the Public Beta?

macOS Monterey is also now in a new public beta for volunteer testers: a few weeks before launch, it’s clear to all users that this will likely happen a little later in the case of macOS Monterey – it’s time for us, once after experimenting with the current beta, to roll it out.

The working tool is important – in one case Mac even more than in Iphone or IPAD. The new public beta of macOS Monterey is now available about 24 hours after macOS Monterey Beta 8 developer It was previously made available to registered developers.

macOS Monterey, among other things, brings a new design to Safari and the Shortcut app on your Mac. In addition, the focus feature will also be introduced on Macs. With Live Text, users can recognize text in photos and use it in others apps Copy – even on an Intel Mac, as shown in the meantime.

How is the current beta of macOS Monterey going?

Finally, the macOS Monterey beta course is a little behind the pace iOS 15 and watchOS 8 fell behind. So, there are signs that the release of macOS Monterey is delayed, but this is not necessarily a defect: a computer in particular should not be replaced by an immature one. Programming stand out.

So we want to create a picture of the mood: How good or bad is the current public or developer beta of macOS Monterey for you?

Are you still noticing critical bugs, and if so, has anything changed in recent beta versions? We collect your impressions under this article.

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