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Horror Discovery in Australia: Snakes in Air Conditioning

The Australian couple have found two mating snakes in their air conditioner. Immediately the snake catcher was summoned.

Briefly essentials

  • In Brisbane, Australia, a couple found two snakes in their refrigerator.
  • A snake catcher was able to catch one of the brown night wood snakes.
  • Escaped through a hole in the second wall.

There is a family in the air conditioner In the Australian state Queensland saw two mating snakes. After a few tricks, Snake catcher Stu McKenzie of “Sunshine Coast Snakechers 24/7” managed to catch one of the two brown night tree snakes and put it in a special sack.

The other disappeared through a hole in the back of the wall, the portal “WAtoday” reported on Tuesday. “We went before this family home because there was a brown night snake in their air conditioner,” McKenzie wrote. Facebook. To prevent this from happening again, the hole in the wall is now filled with foam. “Snakes enter the air conditioners from time to time and it is very difficult to get them out of there,” the expert said.

Brown night tree snakes (Poica regularis) can grow up to two meters in length and usually live in hot, humid areas such as tropical Queensland and rainforests. However, they also infiltrate urban areas. The species is venomous, but its bite is not dangerous.

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