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Hassan Nzehok is an important player for Spvgg.Dietsheim both on and off the field

Hassan Nzehok is an important player for Spvgg.Dietsheim both on and off the field

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“I don’t think anymore, I just do things”: Hassan Nzihok (right) is also strong in the air despite being just under 1.80 meters tall. © Shipper

Table leader in the region’s top league sports association Dietesheim and Hassan Nezehoek fit together. His parents even drive 100 kilometers to Mülheim to attend his games.

Offenbach – Hasan Nezehock has only been with regional football club Sportvereinigung Dietesheim since the winter of 2021, but he is very important; On and off the field. The 27-year-old can play on both flanks and provide assists for striker Raphael Mitsopoulos. He himself has scored 16 goals for the confident league leaders this season.

“Hassan is really good for us. He’s very flexible, quick and has no fear at all, and despite being just under 1.80 metres, he’s also strong at heading the ball. We still need to improve the quality of his passes with his left foot a bit, but we’re working on “If this works better, he actually no longer has any weaknesses in this league,” says Deetsheim coach Peter Hoffmann, coach of Deitsheim. “And now he’s scoring goals too – it’s great,” Hoffmann adds.

Winter holiday series

This article is part of a local football series. In upcoming editions, we will continue to report on players and teams who have particularly stood out in the matches played so far before the long winter break.

Nazyuk is third on the list of top scorers in the domestic league behind Misopoulos and Benjamin Prowse (KV Mühlheim, both 20). “Yes, it just works. But I also prepare intensively for every match, I have very good teammates and I feel cold in front of the opponent’s goal. I used to need a lot of chances to score, but today I became more effective,” says Nazyuk, who played as a full-back in the youth ranks at FC Marburg only moved forward in his early years: “I don’t think anymore, I just do things.” Last season he scored only ten goals.

He came to the Rhine-Main region because of his studies and career prospects. Nazyuk found an apartment near the Deitsheim Sports Arena and introduced himself to neighbor Kickers Victoria Mülheim, but decided to join the sports association. “It’s a very family situation at Dettisheim, which was also important to me at previous clubs. I really like it when everyone doesn’t go home straight away after training or a match, but sits together for a while to exchange ideas. Then completely different football topics come up.” And that’s the case here. “The solidarity is great, and that’s definitely part of the secret of our success,” Nziuk says.

It is of great importance for this cohesion. “Hassan is a positively crazy person, a mood builder, and a great organizer,” says Coach Hoffman. Having narrowly missed out on promotion in the summer, Nasziuk, for example, sent his contacts to his hometown in central Hesse and organized a training camp including proper test games. Now, in mid-January, under his supervision, the Dietesheimers travel with their three active teams to the ski jumping paradise of Willingen in Sauerland. Winter training camp with a difference? Nazyuk laughs. “It has nothing to do with sports at all, just socializing at Siggis Hut. It’s just a festive time. The good atmosphere should have a positive impact on the build-up to the second half of the district league, which starts right after,” says Nziuk, who hopes to get On a place in the group league: “Overall, things look very good and we should be able to go up.” Dettesheim was relegated from this category in 2016, long before Naziuk was at Wengersweg.

What’s striking: Hassan Nziuk’s parents, Bernsen and Mohamed, who still live in the Marburg region, travel about 100 kilometers to every match in Dettisheim. “I don’t get to go home much anymore, so I always feel absolutely happy when I see my dad at the sports field before kick-off. My younger brother Yasar also comes over every now and then. It always puts a smile on my face and motivates me even more,” says Nzehock. This is obvious given his success. (Holger Appel)

Hassan Nziuk

Age: 27 years old
In Dettisheim since: winter 2021
Previous clubs: VfB Marburg (young and active), SV Emsdorf
Profession: Student
Marital status: Single status
Favorite club: Schalke 04