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GTA 6: Will the single player get DLC expansions?

GTA 6: Will the single player get DLC expansions?


Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)the game that fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting, can boast a feature that was missing from its predecessor, GTA V: Single-player DLC. The announcement of GTA 6 is the event that many players are eagerly awaiting. Although the official release date is still far away, the expectations for the game are huge.

When will GTA be announced? Some insiders doubt that an official reveal is imminent. After all, there is a financial report from Take Two InteractiveWhich expects a big jump in sales in the period between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. This can only be explained by the release of GTA 6 during this period.

GTA 6 could make single-player DLC more popular than ever

Speculation continues to grow louder in the GTA community as we wait for news Rock Games I am waiting. But recently, a reliable GTA insider, “Tez2”, shared information that has increased fan anticipation. He revealed that Rockstar is already planning expansions for GTA 6. In the past, a story DLC was planned for GTA 5, but was eventually canceled due to the massive success of GTA Online. But this time the story could be different, as Rockstar already knows the huge expectations.

“Rockstar had episodic content, also known as single-player DLC, for a long time before release [GTA] “V has planned,” the insider said. GTA Forum. “Plans changed in mid to late 2014. You may have heard about the three episodes they had planned, but there was more. The point is that Rockstar had the same plan as they had [GTA] 4. The boom in GTA Online has been unexpected. Well, for GTA VI, it’s different. It wouldn’t be unexpected. And from what we’ve heard and what Jason Schreier said, Rockstar is already following the same plan. Episodic content with new map updates and expansions. This would help alleviate the crisis. So I think we’ll see single-player updates as frequently as online updates. and the first major DLC within a year or two of release.

The next Grand Theft Auto game will be huge…

GTA 6 is believed to have undergone some reductions in scope during its development to avoid problems and deliver the game on time. But this does not necessarily mean that objectionable content will disappear into obscurity. There is a possibility that this content will appear again as single-player DLC at a later date. This could provide players with new locations and cities and extend the life of GTA 6 for years to come. After all, no one expects GTA 7 before 2040…

When will the GTA 6 wild game announcement ceremony start?  Maybe in GTA Online - (c) Rockstar Games;  Photo montage: DailyGame

When will the GTA 6 wild game announcement ceremony start? Insiders are sure that the announcement will come soon! – (c) Rockstar Games; Photo montage: DailyGame

the next grand theft auto located in Rock Games In development. And at least one actor in GTA 5 will definitely be worth the wait!